No Internet? Play Google's Offline Dino Game

Hop onto your pixelated dinosaur and get ready to sprint for survival in the addictively fun offline Dino game! This simple one-button browser game pops up when you go offline on Chrome and has delighted users for years with its straightforward yet challenging gameplay.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn all the tips and tricks for achieving a high score or even the elusive record of 9999 points in your offline dinosaur adventures. We'll cover optimal strategies plus the game's development history, viral popularity, and hidden features. Soon you'll be dodging cacti, soaring over pterodactyls, and earning serious bragging rights on this iconic Chrome diversion. Let's get started!

Jetpack Joyride

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Jetpack Joyride

An outstanding example of an infinite runner game, Jetpack Joyride casts players in the role of Barry, a down-and-out salesman who, after breaking into a top-secret lab, finds himself in possession of a bullet-powered jet pack. As Barry makes his way through each level, you will need to assist him in avoiding obstacles such as electric fences, rockets, and laser beams. You can improve your equipment by amassing precious stones, cash, and power-ups. Have a blast while you play the game Jetpack Joyride!

Jetpack Joyride


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