Unleash Your Speed with These Run Unblocked Games

Running games provide simple, addictive thrills and lightning-fast action. Unfortunately, many running games are blocked on school and workplace networks. But fear not - these sensational run unblocked games will let you enjoy swift gameplay anytime!

Unleash Your Speed with These Run Unblocked Games

Run 3

Part of the massively popular Run franchise, Run 3 is a staple of unblocked gaming. Guide your nimble character through surreal alien worlds, jumping over obstacles and chasms. With slick visuals and controls, Run 3 gets the blood pumping with running challenges in different game modes. It's easy to see why Run 3 remains an unblocked favorite.

Temple Run 2

Looking for runway action with appealing graphics? Temple Run 2 transforms you into an adventurer racing away from demonic primates in ancient ruins. Swipe to turn, jump, and slide as you collect coins and unlock new characters. With randomly generated levels, Temple Run 2 constantly surprises with its adrenaline-fueled running challenges.

Super Mario Run

For old-school platforming flair, try iconic hero Mario's running adventure Super Mario Run on Unblocked Games 76. Time your jumps precisely across platforms, piranha plants, and other hazards. With familiar characters and Mario's smooth animations, Super Mario Run captures the magic of Nintendo's classics as a slick mobile-style runner.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers takes the running genre to the streets with its train-hopping gameplay. Dodge trains, poles, tunnels, and more while escaping the inspector and his dog. Collect power-ups and complete missions to earn high scores. With colorful graphics and responsive swipe controls, Subway Surfers really moves as an unblocked running game.

Offline Dino Game

When your internet access sputters, you can always rely on trusty Offline Dino Game. Google's charming runner has your pixelated dinosaur hop over cacti to rack up a high score. Simple and addictive, Offline Dino Game is the perfect way to fill unexpected bursts of free time thanks to its instant unblocked availability.


Stay quick on your feet with these phenomenal run unblocked games! From the polished 3D worlds of Temple Run 2 to the retro Offline Dino Game, these running games deliver frantic fun for any unblocked situation. So whenever you need a burst of high-speed action at school or work, remember these awesome run games that will get your heart racing!